How to cultivate hope when it seems like the world is ending

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When talking about climate collapse, I find that people’s reactions generally fall into one of a few camps:

  1. Well, there’s nothing we can do about it now, anyway — we’re screwed. We might as well enjoy our lives.
  2. There’s nothing we can do about it, and I’m too angry/depressed to…

I’ve spent most of my life being a “control freak” — and it may be thanks to one weird moment

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I don’t trust other people to do things right

I have a hard time relaxing when other people are doing things. I am a terrible passenger — a fair number of my friends have snapped at me for cringing, flinching and yelling “red light!” from beside them while they’re trying to concentrate on the road. …

One-third of the world may never see the Milky Way — what does that mean for our sense of wonder, curiosity, and humility?

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When I was a child, one of my favourite things to do was stare at the night sky. Privileged enough to live out in the countryside, my grandfather would often come sit with me and show me the constellations, the milky way, and together we would look for shooting stars…

Simple yet powerful exercises you can do with zero cost

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I’m going to say this before we start: there is no substitute for professional therapy. While some claim that good friendships, exercise, medication, spending time in nature, or their spiritual practice provides them with all the therapy that they need, others have issues that require professional intervention, and in fact…

Gwyneth Jones

Psychology & Coaching for the Great Turning. Host of @thewayweconnect podcast. Freelancer in Prague. Gardener & herbalist. Cymraeg.

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